Monitor,Optimize and Control - IoT enabled solutions. Anything that may be connected will be connected


Iot enabled sub-meters – Our  sub-meters are wireless and supports metering needs for your tenants, industrial units etc.

IoT Relay Switches

IoT enabled wireless relay controls – Out of the box Integration with our sub-metering platform

IoT Wireless Sensors

We offer a wide range of wireless sensors for monitoring Temperature, Humidity, VoC, moisture and industrial and residential air quality

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your IoT driven energy management and monitoring needs.

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We provide turn key solutions for managing commercial sub-metering requirements delivered to our unified dashboard. Create value for the tenants and optimize your energy usage that improves your financial bottomline

Certified Wireless modules for Air quality sensors, remote monitoring and control etc integrated with our unified Iot enabled platform

Unified solutions for Air quality, Energy management and sub-metering

Need help with easier unified energy management and control Solution? We at ESD Global are experts!